BSG Wireless use analytics packs to transform mobile devices into network probes that give service providers the consumer’s perspective of wireless quality.

Crowd Sourced Analytics

  • Network and access point performance are crowd sourced to analyse the Service.

Location Analytics

  • Wi-Fi usage and connection quality data, linked to handset locations, to construct maps identifying current locations and the optimum sites for new deployments.

Handset Performance Validation

  • Comprehensive handset data is reported identifying performance and compatibility issues.

Data is provided to the network analysis dashboard allowing field engineering and network operations teams to:

  • monitor the quality of network connections
  • monitor the performance of handset types
  • monitor the performance of roaming partner networks
  • plan the deployment/ redeployment of access points

BSG Wireless’ Analytics packs obtain key data from Crowd Sourced Analytics, Location Analytics and Handset Performance Validation.

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