Roaming Hub
BSG Wireless’ intelligent Roaming Hub services simplify roaming relationships and provide the best quality user experiences.

Partner Interconnect:

  • RADIUS Hub
  • Rating
  • Contract Management
  • Session Data
  • WRIX-I

Data Clearing (Reporting)

  • Detail Reports
  • Summary Reports
  • Data Files
  • Ad Hoc Report
  • WRIX-D

Financial Settlement

  • Managing the payments (domestic and international)
  • Reporting on outstanding receivables
  • Reconciling Invoices
  • Dispute Resolution
  • WRIX-F
Roaming Hub

BSG Wireless Roaming Hub Services give the customer:

  • Global Wi-Fi Roaming Expertise formed through multiple partnerships
  • Access to a global footprint of over 1.1 million commercial hotspots and 5 million residential hubs
  • Flexible & Fast Global Roaming Footprint Expansion and Management
  • Hassle-Free Interconnects, Billing and Clearing
  • Cost effective, transparent and hassle-free Managed Service

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