BSG Wireless have partnered with Private Communications Corp. (PCC) to offer a solution that empowers customers with the toolset to provide users with a secure VPN connection that affords seamless encryption and the ability to compresses and clean data, reducing the users mobile data costs.

The solution BSG Wireless are introducing focuses on security through Encryption along with data usage efficiency through Data Compression and Ad Blocking.


The VPN technology BSG Wireless are embedding within their product protects consumers by encrypting the signals between a mobile device (laptop, tablet or phone) and the remote servers. If any unauthorised intercept of the signal occurs, the encrypted data that is unusable for fraudulent purposes.

The BSG Wireless connection manager will ensure the user has a friction-free experience with the VPN launching automatically whenever a user accesses an unsecured Wi-Fi connection.

Data Compression

The data compression technology BSG Wireless will include is highly effective and through tests using ten popular websites, PCC showed savings averaged over 50% reduction. This translates into a direct and significant reduction in mobile data charges.

Data compression gives a clear cost benefit to consumers and appeals to the user for different rationale than the encryption service, so paired together offer consumers two valuable reasons to utilize the service.

Ad Blocking

The popularity of ad blocking apps is high in the app stores and Apple has endorsed the practice by opening up the capability in their Safari browser. The ad blocking software BSG Wireless is introducing is performed in the cloud, before the ads are sent to the device. This allows clutter and unwanted traffic to be kept off screen and off the consumer’s data usage.

BSG Wireless are partnering with Private Communications Corp. (PCC) to embed their encryption technology directly into the BSG Wireless Connection Manager.

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