Wireless Location Data Service (WLDS)

Due to the need for an improvement in the quality of directory data supporting users of Wi-Fi services, the Wireless Location Data Service has the power to provide the Home Network Provider with the ability to manage Wi-Fi hotspot directory data & their footprint consistently and efficiently.

The Home Network Provider can expect to realise a footprint of higher quality data by utilising the Wireless Location Data Service toolset, while reducing the resource required to support it. The Wireless Location Data Service achieves this as a result of supplementing and refining the existing dataset by introducing:

  • Analytics pack to act as a crowd source verification of data
  • Access to premium data repair services such as premium location geocoding
  • Application logs within a Hotspot Finder or Connection Manager as method to validate service availability information
  • Feedback functionality within an application or web portal by end users and engineering staff (available 2018)
  • Location data and date/timestamps from RADIUS/Diameter services (available 2018)

The Service Administration Portal provides direct access to the footprint data with editing capability at an individual or batch level.

The key to quality data is to manage the exceptions within the dataset, which fall into three categories; incomplete, out-dated or duplicates. Using the Wireless Location Data Service toolset, the Home Network Provider has a scalable solution to manage the administration of their published dataset.

Exceptions generated can be approved and updated or upon validation and approval of the administrator to form an up to date dataset. The HNP has the ability to then choose when to publish the updated datasets, either automatically at pre-determined frequencies or by administrator initiation.

The quality of directory data is significantly improved by Wireless Location Data Service

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