Simplifying Connections

The BSG Wireless Find and Connect apps make connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots a seamless experience; a single tap and you’re connected with no need to enter credentials or credit card details.

Registering once gets you connected to Wi-Fi locations worldwide – simply install Find and Connect and register the device against your account before leaving home.

BSG’s global network of connections gives you an effortless and efficient roaming solution with the leader in Passpoint interconnections.

Rating and Reporting

The BSG Wireless roaming hub offers very flexible rating options which mean you can vary your rates by time and volume with capping an option too.

We also offer a full range of comprehensive reporting options built on a full data clearing services which allows you to visualize your roaming traffic and see both near real-time and historical sessions.

Financial Clearing and Settlement

Whether it’s payables or receivables management – or both – BSG Wireless can help you.

We can look after everything including foreign exchange, tax calculations (including those based on territory) and offer full financial reporting capabilities.

Asset Management

Wireless Location Data Service (WLDS) from BSG Wireless allows network operators to manage their hardware assets.

WLDS includes a comprehensive toolset which can be used to improve the quality of location data, visualize footprints, distribute footprint directories to partners and gather and curate feedback from users.

Provision Your Customers

BSG Wireless has a wide range of options for provisioning your users’ devices for use on your network.

Whether it’s Passpoint®, 802.1x or WISPr, we can provide comprehensive solutions to allow authorized users access to your network. We can support multiple authentication mechanisms and offer a full AAA capability if you require or we can proxy traffic back to your AAA in the roaming scenario.

WBA Wireless Global Congress

BSG Wireless will be attending and speaking at the WBA’s Wireless Global Congress. To find out more visit our events page.

Find and Connect v5.1 for iOS 9

Find and Connect for iOS

To find out more about the latest version of the BSG Wireless’ Find and Connect App for iOS, visit our product page.

BSG Wireless solutions
BSG Wireless solutions

Visit our products section and learn more about our Find and Connect AppsWireless Location Data Service (WLDS) and Roaming Hub services.

Get in Touch

At BSG Wireless we are committed to improving our products through customer engagement, so your feedback, questions and enquiries are welcomed as an essential part of our product development.

BSG Wireless is a member of the WBA and contributes to the major global Wi-Fi events each year, helping the drive to improve Wi-Fi solutions

WBA Chairmans Award 2014
WBA Distinguished Member Award Shortlist
Award winning

BSG Wireless is recognized as a leading provider of Wi-Fi solutions for delivering proven and reliable managed services into the Wi-Fi ecosystem. BSG Wireless was the recipient of the Chairman’s Award in the Technology Partner Category, of the WBA’s Wi-Fi Industry Awards 2014 significant contributions to WBA projects and was shortlisted for the a distinguished Member Award in 2016.

To find out more about the WBA and our work please visit our WBA page.

BSG Wireless, as the winner of the Chairman’s Award has made outstanding contributions not only to the WBA’s initiatives, but also to the wider ecosystem. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate BSG Wireless and hope that this will inspire further collaboration and innovation in the future Shrikant Shenwai

CEO, Wireless Broadband Alliance