Single Digits Acquires the Wireless Division of BSG

Strengthening The Company’s Position in Next Generation Wireless Connectivity.

BSG Wireless is an award winning company, having won the Wireless Broadband Alliance Chairman’s Award in the Technology Partner category during the WBA’s Wi-Fi Industry awards in 2014

For more than ten years, BSG Wireless has been providing services that range from connection and hotspot clients to network interconnection services including data and financial clearing. At BSG Wireless, we also help some of the world’s leading wireless operators manage their global wireless roaming footprint, location directories, payment gateway and credential issuance systems to ensure a reliable, secure and seamless customer experience.

BSG Wireless is a leader in the Wi-Fi industry and a major contributor to the Wireless Broadband Alliance, collaborating and leading a multitude of projects to enhance the Wi-Fi solutions across the globe.

Through innovative development and understanding the Wi-Fi space and technological capabilities, BSG Wireless strive to help operators provide the quality of experience that the growing number of users across the globe expect.

BSG Wireless is a member of the WBA and contributes to the major global Wi-Fi events each year, helping the drive to improve Wi-Fi solutions

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BSG Wireless has been acquired by Single Digits, and we are committed to improving our products through customer engagement. Your feedback, questions and enquiries are welcomed as an essential part of our product development.