Hot on the heels of Apple’s iOS 9 deployment, BSG Wireless is pleased to announce that version 5.0 of our Find and Connect app, BSG Wi-Fi, is now available in the App store, containing full iOS 9 support. By making our market leading App compatible with iOS 9 and utilising the latest capabilities, Find and Connect now has new features including true auto connect functionality for supported networks – the first time this feature is available in the market for iOS users.

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iOS 9

The development team at BSG Wireless continually works to improve the user experience and have captured the enhanced capability of iOS 9 to generate an app that is ready for the next generation of iOS platform. With the take up for iOS 9 already very popular as expected, BSG Wireless has been developing Find and Connect to be ready for users wishing to migrate to the new platform and to add the functionality that users will expect in the future.

True Auto Connect

The release of iOS 9 provided BSG Wi-Fi with the opportunity to automatically connect users to any supported network. iOS will launch our App in the background, and the user will either be prompted with a ‘Tap to connect’ notification (if auto-connect is disabled) or the App will simply connect (if auto-connect is enabled). No login screen or launch of the App is required. Additionally, it’s now easy to identify networks that BSG Wi-Fi can connect the user to with a subtitle in your iOS Wi-Fi selection screen. Supported networks will have ‘BSG Wi-Fi’ underneath the main network name.

New iOS 9 UX Features

Find and Connect version 5.0 also makes use of some new UX features available in iOS9. These features include the ability to pitch the main map view to any you like, allowing a three-dimensional view, site type and category images in the refine view and matching the iOS 9 San Francisco font.

Find and Connect for iOS Key Features

  • Full iOS 9 support
  • True auto-connect functionality for supported networks
  • Wi-Fi networks easily identified by ‘BSG Wi-Fi’ in your settings App
  • Receive push notifications when your Wi-Fi plan is ending
  • View your usage history and remaining product information

Additionally, v5.0 has accessibility improvements throughout so you can now access all your favourites in one place, open Hotspot links in-app in a Safari view, include Increased information to connection logs, indication of signal strength on the ‘Connect’ tab, rotate the details map view to your current heading, get quick directions plotted directly in-app and pitch the main map view to any angle you like, all of which combine to enhance the user experience significantly.