Find and Connect for Android
Find and Connect is the Android App to give customers the power to locate and join millions of Wi-Fi hotspots around the globe. Find and Connect provides a seamless and reliable connection solution for Android users on the go.

With a user friendly interface and continually updated to keep pace with the latest operating system releases, Find and Connect helps users locate and connect to Wi-Fi hotspots through a map or list view. With directions available, it will take you to the Wi-Fi hotspot quickly, then seamlessly help users get connected.

Customers are able to rebrand Find and Connect with their own logos and to match their company colour schemes to integrate as part of their own product suite.

BSG Wireless’ Connection Client managed service introduces a simple registration and account maintenance for both the customer and the end user. The service also includes the ability to support multiple device accounts within a single account. Combined with the BSG Wireless Wireless Location Data Service (WLDS), Find and Connect can provide the customer with a product that will enhance their user’s Wi-Fi experience significantly.

Find and Connect is available for both phone and tablet devices with optional network analytics integration.



Quickly connect to
supported networks


Filter your search for
more precise results
Realtime Search

Realtime Search

See matches for your
search as you type


Save your favourite
locations for quick access
Locate Me

Locate Me

See locations near to
your current location
Offline Data

Offline Data

Search for places without
an internet connection
  • Real time searching See matches for your search as you type
  • Quick Connection Quickly connect to supported networks
  • Connection Status Indicator Indicates current connection status
  • Refine Your Search Filter your search for more precise results
  • Offline Searching Search for hotspots without an internet connection
  • Street View View locations in Google Street View (Google Maps required)
  • Multi-language Support English, French, French Canadian and German
  • Single set of user credentials for premium Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide
  • No need to enter credit card details when connecting to a hotspot
  • Existing customers can register to connect to public Wi-Fi locations
  • User friendly interface makes connecting to Wi-Fi easy
  • Save your favourite locations for quick and easy access
  • Get details about hotspot locations like phone number and website address
  • Get directions and distance details based on your current location

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