User and Device Provisioning

As secured WiFi networks become more prevelant, it is increasingly important for users to be able to connect to those networks with ease and minimal interaction with the device. While mobile carriers are able to manage some connection profiles on the device via the carrier settings, there are many occasions where this approach is not possible. BSG Wireless are pushing forward with alternative methods of installing network profiles/configurations to make life more simple for device users.

BSG’s existing Find and Connect applications can already perform automated WISPr and EAP-TTLS connection configuration within the application, controlled from a web-based interface. If you already have an application which is suited to your needs, BSG is able to provide SDKs to allow that application to offer automated configuration and connection to supported networks. Connection mechanisms include WISPr, EAP-TTLS, EAP-TLS and Hotspot2.0 Passpoint®. Devices may be configured with credentials from either BSG – if BSG is acting as the AAA service – or from your own AAA should that be required.

It has long been possible to add configuration files to iOS devices, downloaded from a web service via Safari. While this mechanism works, there are a number of different processes that the user must complete prior to being able to access the network and involve the user leaving the application to complete setup. BSG’s proof of concept connection application for iOS demonstrates in-app network configuration for EAP-TTLS and WPA2-PSK networks, connection to these networks and the ability to remove the configuration from within the application – and therefore revoke network access. Network access is also revoked if the application is removed, since the configurations are associated with the application rather than the system. When the user is in range of a supported network, they are able to configure the network and connect with a single click. No transfer to a web browser or having to find a downloaded profile in settings. Just a single button click.

A demonstration of the proof of concept application in action can be seen in the following video. If you are interested in the functionality, please get in touch for further information.

More users will connect to a WiFi network if it’s simple and secure

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