Wi-Fi Finder

Finder is the Wi-Fi hotspot locating tool give customers the power to locate and join millions of Wi-Fi hotspots around the globe. Available for phone and tablet on iOS and Android devices as well as a web browser version. Finder provides an intuitive and reliable Wi-Fi locating solution for people on the go.

Find and Connect

Finder is custom designed per platform and packed with features to create a simple and intuitive user experience to find Wi-Fi hotspots and help the user reach them.

Customers are able to rebrand Finder with their own logos and to match their company colour schemes to integrate as part of their own product suite. Combined with the BSG Wireless Wireless Location Data Service, Find and Connect can provide the customer with a product that will enhance their user’s Wi-Fi experience significantly.

Customer’s users can use Finder to search for available Wi-Fi hotspots when they arrive or search and save before they travel. Locate from the millions of Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide, then refine searches to meet individual needs. Whether looking for a hotel with connectivity to access that all important information before a meeting, or a coffee shop to meet friends and update social media, Finder is the tool that will help users get connected. Even when offline, Finder can still help you get locate Wi-Fi Hotspots with searching capability available without an Internet connection.

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  • Real time searching See matches for your search as you type
  • Multiple Devices Tailored to suit whichever device you’re using
  • Refine Your Search Filter your search to suit the locations you want
  • Offline Searching Search for hotspots without connectivity
  • Street View View locations in Google Street View (Google Maps required)
  • Multi-language Support English, French, French Canadian and German
  • User friendly interface makes connecting to Wi-Fi seamless
  • Save your favourite locations for quick and easy access
  • Get key details of hotspot locations like phone number and website address
  • Get directions and distance details based on your current location
  • Download the app or access through your web browser

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